Open Source Software

We like to know in detail the tools we use. Most of our works have been done with the help of community tools, both in engineering and in software development. We adapt our tools to our needs, we help our customers to understand our results and internalize it.

So, in this matter of giving and taking, we try to share our knowledge and work with others.

Code Aster for Windows

While we mostly work in a Linux Environment, we understand that our customers often need to obtain their results under Windows.

We help provide a native Windows solution for our simulation tool of choice in mechanics by actively collaborating at Code Aster for Windows, a site dedicated to the well known open source tool.

You can find many articles there written by our members: if you are interested in using Code_Aster and you would like to do it under Windows you should definitely have a look there! stats

Code_Aster for Windows is a growing community! More that 1000 views per month, many of them are engineers from all over the world

Code Aster for Windows home page

Vega converter

Sometimes file formats can be barriers, preventing us from using the right tool for the job. They are also obstacles to compare things: we need to make sure that software are "doing the same thing".

We contribute to developing a software solution to convert simulation formats. This is a complex task from many sides, challenging and demanding a deep understanding of the models and implementations.

The Vega converter is an answer to this issue. If you wish to contribute , you are welcome to join!

Vega Github page

Nastran (Debian package)

NASTRAN is the NASA Structural Analysis System, a finite element analysis program (FEA) completed in the early 1970's. It was the first of its kind and opened the door to computer-aided engineering. Subsections of a design can be modeled and then larger groupings of these elements can again be modeled. NASTRAN can handle elastic stability analysis, complex eigenvalues for vibration and dynamic stability analysis, dynamic response for transient and steady state loads, and random excitation, and static response to concentrated and distributed loads, thermal expansion, and enforced deformations.

Our contribution is mainly in creating and maintaining the package for the Debian distribution.

Nastran package for Debian
Nastran Github Page

Code_Aster Italian Community

We are actively working with non-profit organisation Conoscere Linux and Code_Aster Professional Network to spread the usage of Code_Aster in the italian community. The first Code_Aster User Day in Italy was held on November 23rd at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.